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Got Extra Shaw’s Stamps This New Year? Send ’em Over

Did you know you are able to redeem these Shaw’s Stamps until January 12th? Even though Shaw’s Supermarket no longer gives out Shaw’s Stamps as of January 3, they will allow patrons to redeem the stamps. It’s true and what a great way to start of the New Year!

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What Are Shaw’s Stamps?

That’s a good question! We all would love new cookware and Shaw’s Stamps is a program that allows people to collect Farberware Millenial Cookware. What we do is collect these stamps to provide this much needed cookware for our home-ready families who are leaving shelter and going into their own apartments. Some families will having their own home for the first time.

Perhaps you may have extra stamps that you’ve collected. How about donating them to a great cause — helping families who leave our temporary shelters to equip their new kitchens.

Do you want to help?

farberware, shaws stamps,So as you dig through your purse or wallet for those holiday receipts, rather than toss the left over Shaw’s stamps in the trash, consider popping them into an envelope today. Just mail them before JANUARY 12TH (please allow time for the US Postal Service to deliver them) to:

Judith Patt
204 M Tall Oaks Drive
South Weymouth, MA 02190

Judith and the members of Promise Church* have been collecting Shaw’s Supermarket stamps again this year to help families who are moving out of Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore shelters into their own apartments.

Promise Church volunteers will paste the stamps you send into the Shaw’s stamp books and redeem them for cookware. We stock this cookware in our furniture bank to help home-ready families equip their kitchens.

Please put your stamps to work and mail them today. And thank you for all that you do to help our clients move closer to permanent homes and self-sufficiency.


*Promise Church is a newly forming church of the United Church of Christ. They gather for worship and fellowship in homes around the Weymouth and Quincy area on Sunday afternoons. For more information, contact Judith Patt at judithann5@comcast.net