Promise Church shows how small donations bring big benefits for families leaving shelters

See how small donations bring big benefits

A photo from Promise Church offers proof that even small donations bring big benefits. The church collected Shaw’s stamps shoppers didn’t need and turned them into bakeware for shelter families moving into new homes.

“This photo shows only a small fraction of the Rachel Ray bakeware that we donated to the Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore,” says Judith Patt. “Altogether we collected approximately 6,500 Shaw’s stamps. As a result, we redeemed for more than $2,000 worth of bakeware.” The Rachel Ray bakeware will help families moving to their own apartments equip their new kitchens.

“A visible expression of care for others”

Helping the shelters run by the Friends of the Homeless has become an ongoing mission of Promise Church, Patt says. “While it’s sometimes hard for such a small congregation to see that they can make a big difference, this effort clearly shows that we can. This tower of bakeware is a visible expression of our care for others.”

And it couldn’t have been done without the support of many other friends as well, Patt says.  “Thanks to everyone who helped publicize this project and for all who gathered stamps. We are grateful for the support that so many people gave us so we could complete this project.”

 Helping families in transition

The mission of Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore focuses on improving the lives of homeless families. They do this by:

  • Building stronger parents, children, and families
  • Securing education and employment opportunities
  • Finding safe and affordable permanent housing
  • Supporting the efforts of every family to work toward functional self-sufficiency
How you can help too

To learn how your church or community group can assist the Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore in their mission to help families in transition, visit the Friends of the Homeless website

For more information about Promise Church, visit their website or contact Judith Patt at 781-337-5592.