Make Real Difference in Local Kids’ Lives

Here is your chance to make a real different in the lives of kids on the South Shore of Boston. You can help more than two dozen children grow strong, healthy, and stress-free. All it takes is your support for our effort — and the donation of money, materials, and/or skills — to help us build a strong, sturdy fence on one of our campus’ for Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore.

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Why Do We Need a Fence?

For six years, Horizons for Homeless Children has run a successful indoor play program for kids living temporarily at the Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore shelter in Norwell, Mass. But their program is confined to an indoor play space because the large outside play area is not fenced in for safety.

What Would a Fence Mean for Local Kids’ Lives?

A fence means:

  • Many of the children’s play space activities could go outdoors.
    Right now our children’s play must take place in a very small indoor room – even during sunny weather
  • It would allow us to offer more play time activities for all ages.
    Due to the size of the space and the range of ages (infant to approximately age 7), indoor play space time for these children must be limited to short shifts.
  • Children will learn more important life skills.
    A simple, sturdy outdoor fence will give these youngsters offer more space and time learning to play with others.
  • Children will have a positive outlet for their energy. It will also alleviate the stress of their homeless situation.
  • They will have a safe outdoor play area: Children will have a safe place to go while their parents attend onsite classes, make housing or work queries, or use the extra time to get organized, study, cook or clean.

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We Need Your Help

Our goal is to provide fencing of approximately 160 linear feet around our existing on-site playground. But we can’t do it without you. The shelter has no budget for fencing. That’s why we are counting on the generosity of local merchants and people like you.

Labor Volunteers are Always Needed

Some have asked us what they can do to get the process started? Of course, donations are always helpful. But we need some good “Post Diggers.” Basically, a few people who can dig deep holes that will firmly hold posts to support the fences. So if you know someone who wants to build those biceps and gain some good muscle on a nice fall day, call one of the project leaders below.

How YOU Can Make the Difference

want to find out how you can help? We are easy to reach:

  • Nancy O’Neil (play activity leader and fence project lead) at 774-292-9285
  • Sharyn Burden (assistant program director) at 781-659-7741

Thank you for your support in making a difference in children’s lives on the South Shore of Boston! Also, you can connect with us via Facebook.