Giving Tuesday

Many of you have heard about Giving Tuesday. Before I start to explain, allow me to share this true story. Please understand that we have changed the name to protect the identity of our shelter guests.

giving tuesday, November, 2016

Eileen and her kids are our newest Home with Friends family!  They moved from a hotel to an apartment Labor Day weekend, and are now quite settled in.  Since her move, Eileen has found a more stable job, got her children enrolled in school, is working on credit repair, learning to budget, and had connected with numerous resources in the community.  Her Friendship Team, from North Street Church of the Nazarene in Hingham has had both a house blessing and a food pounding for her and are getting to know her one-on-one.  After the house blessing, her ten-year-old daughter asked, “Why are these people so nice to us?  We don’t even know them!”

Just recently, Eileen shared with me what a relief it was to talk about these things. What did she mean by “these things?” Things like budgeting and finding a better job – “I know you are a professional, but it’s more like you are a friend.”  I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of Eileen’s team!

What is Giving Tuesday?

As I said earlier in this blog, many of you have heard about Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is a chance to focus on what we can do for others as part of our Thanksgiving celebration – in addition to your shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!  This year, Giving Tuesday falls on 11/29. Appropriate since Thanksgiving will be Thursday 11/24.

I say appropriate, because after giving Thanksgiving for expressing how blessed we are. However, Giving Tuesday is for tangibly expressing our thanks, by giving to those who have needs.

How can I give on Giving Tuesday?

Home with Friends invites you to donate to our ongoing ministry of support for families struggling with poverty and homelessness.  On Giving Tuesday, click here  or to donate through Network for Good. Be sure to designate it to the Home with Friends program.  You may also mail your check to PO Box 202, North Weymouth, MA 02191. Please help us by sharing this on social media by using the rectangular social media icons below. You may also follow up by using the square social media icons below.

Thanks for joining us in responding in gratitude for the blessings we enjoy and are able to share with others!