Mar 4 Brothers in Harmony gig will raise funds for homeless families on South Shore

Looking for something to do on Sunday afternoon?

Join us at the C Note in Hull on Mar 4 from 3-6 pm. You’ll enjoy a lazy afternoon of of blues, R&B, and soul music performed by Brothers in Harmony as they raise funds for homeless families.

Brothers in Harmony brings together a remarkable collection of the region’s best blues and jazz musicians. The group includes Brian Templeton, Ed Scheer, Johnny Blue Horn, Mario Perrett, Bobby Gus, Larry Luddecke, and Steve Monahan. They jam together once a year to raise funds for charities focused on homelessness.

“We’re particularly delighted that these talented artists chose Friends of the Homeless as their charity. In addition, Continue reading Mar 4 Brothers in Harmony gig will raise funds for homeless families on South Shore

Thanking Our Supporters: Good News to Share

Thanking our supporters for a long list of 2017 accomplishments.

We are sincerely thanking our supporters. Here are some highlights of how we were able to help homeless families on the South Shore. They found permanent housing and stability in their lives, thanks to  supporters like you.

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Christmas Concert to Benefit Home with Friends

5th Annual Highrock Christmas Concert to Benefit Home with Friends

On Friday, December 15th and Saturday, December 16th, Highrock Church in Quincy, Mass. will host its annual Christmas concert to benefit Home with Friends. This one-of-a-kind musical experience brings together a  talented group of singers and musicians. Through a mix of solo performances and choral harmonies, they bring energy, joy, and inspiration to the Christmas season.Christmas concert to benefit Home with Friends


“We are overjoyed to present our fifth annual concert to benefit Home with Friends and also share in the joyful news of the season, ” says Stephen Sharkey, Lead Pastor at Highrock Church. Sharkey has been the creative force behind the yearly concerts. “Through music, we can celebrate the story of Christmas together in a fresh and inspiring way,” he explains.

All proceeds from the concert will benefit Home with Friends, according to Sharkey. “We hope that the proceeds raised, as well as the event itself, will be a true blessing to all our friends, neighbors, and guests.”

Seats to this annual event sell out quickly, so get your tickets online now. You don’t want to miss this powerful evening of music and celebration of the Christmas season.

SHOWTIMES are Friday, December 15 @ 8 pm and Saturday, December 16 @ 6 pm

TICKETS are $15 for general admission; $10 for Seniors, Students and Children.

To learn more, go to the Highrock Church Quincy site.

Former Homeless Shelter Guest Reinforces Importance of Our Work

A wonderful story about a former homeless shelter guest  — with a powerful message — from Executive Director Herb Newell …

There are times when all of us who work in family sheltering have felt overwhelmed by the magnitude of the need. We see the seeming intransigence of current problems, and know all too well the mentally tough work. At those times it’s important to remember that we have been – and continue to be – a significant part of the response to homeless shelter guests needing help and guidance.

I was reminded of the enormous impact our work can have during a recent visit to our Furniture Bank. Continue reading Former Homeless Shelter Guest Reinforces Importance of Our Work

A New Friendship Team

A New Friendship Team Story

Usually I start my updates off with a story about one of our Family Partners, so I thought this time I would give you a glimpse of one of our Friendship Teams.  As it was said in the May article entitled Hotel, Motels for Massachusetts Homeless Decreases Greatly , we have a new team from Wollaston Church of the Nazarene in Quincy.  Since this is my ‘home’ church, I often talk about the Home with Friends ministry, In fact, for the last four year — in church board meetings, small group gatherings, on the missions council, etc.  And, people frequently respond with interest and prayer.

team spirit, working together, friendship team

Small Groups Make a Big Difference in Homeless Family’s Lives

This year some members of my small group decided it was time to get more involved,. So a team was put together of 10 adults (with numerous kids! We advocate children be part of homeless ministry together). During March through May we met 4 times for training,  and Sara Mitchell and I began asking agencies, shelters and churches for family referrals.

team spirit, working together, friendship team, home with friends, homeless families

What Are Family Referrals?

Family referrals are homeless families who struggle and have a connection to an agency, shelter or church.  We look for those families who are struggling with homelessness. But moreso, we look for those who seem to be ready to take advantage of a 2-year period of financial and relational support. This is what the Home With Friends program is all about. This gives them the time and energy to get further education or training and increase their income. It also allows time to clean up their credit reports and stabilize other areas of their lives.

How do we determine who is home-ready?

Referrals came to us for 8 different families. Of those 8 families, 5 of them had an interview with us regarding the Home With Friends opportunity. We are happy to announce a selection is made!

A New Family Will Have a Place to Call Home Soon!

Our new family is a couple with a toddler and a baby on the way.  How exciting that they will have a place to call home! Can you imagine how special the holiday’s will be for them this year?

team spirit, working together, friendship team, home with friends, homeless families

What criteria must a family meet to qualify for the Home With Friends program?

Just to give you an idea what we look for, Dad works full time and mom part time. Mom has come out of the foster care system and spent a couple of years at Ruth’s House in Brockton, which provides people like her with wonderful support and training.  This weekend, the family must be out of their apartment.

team spirit, working together, friendship team, home with friends, homeless families

How do Friendship Teams help?

Members of the Friendship team took the initiative and got right to work!  They have contacted a real estate agent from the congregation who is connecting them with other agents. They also have gone with Mom to look at apartments. And, this past Saturday night the Friendship Team hung out with the family, taking time to get to know each other.  The team also put together a fundraiser. The funds will go toward the Family Partner’s decreasing rental subsidy.

team spirit, working together, friendship team, home with friends, homeless families

A team member took Mom out to look at apartments, and said –

It was awesome to meet this mom and talk with her in the car.  It was the absolute perfect place to have a discussion.  She talked all about her life, her background and what brought her to the place of homelessness. I am more convinced than ever that this experience is going to be life-changing for the Friendship Team, and that we can have a serious impact on their lives.

team spirit, working together, friendship team, home with friends, homeless families

It’s a Two Way Street

Both Family Partners and Friendship Team members often learn from each other.  And, it certainly isn’t easy! Often those involved must expect lifestyle difference, such as value-system clashes, and frustration at times. So why would a person want to be on the Friendship Team? Why do it?  Because this is the Church being the Church! Loving on people and bringing hope to their circumstances.

team spirit, working together, friendship team, home with friends, homeless families

Would you like to be part of a Friendship Team?

Call Lora Wooster at 617-939-3709 and let her  know if you want to be a part of developing this ministry at your church. Oh, and shw appreciates and thanks you for your prayer and financial support!

To learn more about Home with Friends watch our video below:

team spirit, working together, friendship team, home with friends, homeless families

Hotel, Motels for Massachusetts Homeless Decreases Greatly

Homeless Mom’s Job Growth!

Do you remember Eileen, whom  we told you about back in November? She has been able to negotiate more hours at the nursing home where she works. She is not only earning more money each week, but now she also receives benefits. A member of Eileen’s Friendship Team is working with her regularly to improve her English reading skills so that she can study for the HiSET (High School Equivalency Test, used to be the GED), and we partnered with the Financial REACH Center in Quincy to help her clean up her credit report and pay off her debts. She is working hard at Continue reading Hotel, Motels for Massachusetts Homeless Decreases Greatly

Thank you for making the ENC concert a success!


A huge thank you to all who were part of the unforgettable Valentine’s Benefit concert in Hingham last month. This includes:

  • The Eastern Nazarene College A Capella Choir, guest alumni, and Chamber Singers with their uplifting voices and musical tribute to Dorothy Newell.
  • All the friends and families who attended the concert and reception.
  • South Shore Baptist Church in Hingham for hosting the event.
  • The Hingham Mother’s Club for baking dozens of yummy desserts for an appreciative crowd.
  • And the many kind and generous donors who helped us raise more than $5000 to support our programs for homeless families.

An evening to remember

It took the combined talents and energy of dozens of people to make this an evening to remember. We are grateful to all for your ongoing support.

Visit our Facebook page to enjoy a video of the concert and view the tribute to Dorothy.

For more about the singers, visit the ENC A Cappella Choir Facebook page.

To learn about all the ways you can volunteer to help families in transition, please visit the Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore site.



Grab a Cup of “Coffee for a Cause” at Whole Foods Market Mar 4 & 5

Stop by Whole Foods Market in Hingham and South Weymouth, MA on Saturday March 4 and Sunday March 5 and grab a “cuppa Joe” while you shop. Not only will it perk up your spirits, but for every Coffee for a Cause cup you buy, Whole Foods Markets will donate $5 to Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore. Continue reading Grab a Cup of “Coffee for a Cause” at Whole Foods Market Mar 4 & 5

Special Valentine Concert Fundraiser and Reception on February 23, 2017

Come to this concert fundraiser and hear the energetic voices of the Eastern Nazarene College A Cappella and Alumni Choirs. This  Valentine’s Day benefit concert will be held on Feb. 23 at the South Shore Baptist Church, 578 Main St, Hingham, Mass.

Valentine, Benefit, Concert, Fundraiser, concert fundraiser

The concert fundraiser starts at 7:30 and ends at 8:30. A post-concert reception will follow to honor donors and volunteers who generously give their money, time and talents to Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore.

The event is open to the public and a free will offering will be taken during the concert. All proceeds benefit Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore.

Remarkable Voices Raise Money for a Great Cause

“This is the second year that the remarkable singers from ENC are donating their time and talents to raise money for our programs at Friends of the Homeless,” says Herb Newell, Executive Director. “We’re honored — and thrilled — to have their support.” An alumnus of the college, Newell also joins the chorus for the evening.

Love Songs Selected for Every Taste at the Concert Fundraiser

Directed by Dr. Timothy Shetler and Dr. Kevin Smith, the ENC choir plans to offer a selection of classical, folk and contemporary love songs. Also, they the ENC Chamber Singers and ENC alumni, who sang with the group during their college years, will join them.

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ENC A Cappella Choir Sings

The ENC A Cappella Choir sings in churches, universities, and high schools throughout the Eastern Educational Region of the Church of the Nazarene. They also have performed in New York City’s Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, and at  Boston’s Jordan Hall.  Fulfilling the mission of the College, the Choir strives to:

  • embody academic excellence,
  • encourage each member to become a redemptive force in the world,
  • give students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to perform the great choral works, improve their musicianship, and grow in faith within a positive environment.

The Chamber Singers

The Chamber Singers regularly present compositions from the European Renaissance and the 19th and 20th centuries. Every other year, they go on an international tour.

For questions about the A Cappella Choir and Chamber Singers, please contact Dr. Timothy Shetler.

For more information about this benefit concert, contact the ENC Box Office at 617-745-3715.

To learn more about the mission, programs and volunteer opportunities at the Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore — or you may go here to make a donation.

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