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Remember How Excited You Were About Your First Apartment?

Home With Friends, Frist ApartmentThis picture is of Deanne’s little boy in front of their first Christmas tree in their first apartment!  Your support, combined with her hard work, her mentoring team’s support, and intensive case management, has made this possible!  In spite of many setbacks, and with the financial and prayer support of many such as yourselves, she is in a very different place than she was a year ago!  Her per diem position at the hospital doesn’t pay enough for her to live on, but on 12/28 she is scheduled to take the test to become a Certified Nurse’s Assistant, which will provide more job opportunities.

Of course, we know that it is nearly impossible to live in the Boston area on a CNA salary, but Deanne is now beginning to dream of what the next step might be  —  perhaps becoming an LPN.  For some of us, this doesn’t seem very high on the career ladder, but for someone who  dropped out of school in 10th grade – seeing possibilities in life is nearly a miracle!

For the third year in a row, Highrock church in Quincy has held a Christmas Benefit concert for Home with Friends, raising awareness of homelessness issues, as well as thousands of dollars!  This year, the people from Common Art were back, displaying and selling their creations during intermission, and Herb Newell (Executive Director of Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore) and I were a part of the choir. It was a high energy celebration – and our gratitude goes to the many people who were involved or who came to celebrate with us!

It’s only a week until Christmas – and 2 weeks until the end of 2015.  If you are considering some end-of-year donations, please think about Home with Friends – your gift will bring hope in numerous ways to families struggling with homelessness, helping them to break the cycle! See our website to donate online, or mail your check, marked Home with Friends, to PO Box 202,  N. Weymouth, MA 02191.

As always, if you have questions about what we do, or would like me to speak to a group, let me know.  Also, I have attached our recently revised brochure that not only tells you about our program but communicates some basic facts about family homelessness.

Again, thank you, and may your Advent and Christmas celebrations be blessed!

Highrock Christmas Benefit Concert, Who Are You Inviting?

A Benefit Fundraiser
Home With Friends

benefit concert, christmas concert, highrock

Highrock Quincy

presents its third annual

Christmas Benefit Concert
at the
Highrock Church
315 Whitwell Street, Quincy, MA
is hosting
Three Performances

Saturday, December 12th at 7pm
Sunday, December 13th 4pm


Adults $15
Children $5
Seniors $10

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This year Highrock has stepped out in faith and has scheduled three CONCERTS! Here is how you can help…

Invite Someone to the Christmas Benefit Concert!

Friends? family? coworkers? neighbors? Who will it be? There must be names on your hearts. For them this is a concert for us this is a mission opportunity for them to hear the gospel don’t let it pass you by.

Spread the Word

You can do this on Facebook, Google+,  Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, any! Over 700 people have been invited on Facebook. Let’s help Highrock break 1000! Click on the ‘Invite’ button and invite all your Boston Area friends, family and coworkers.

Buy your tickets now!

For you AND your guests. This year there is a special promotion, buy-two-get-one-free. Take advantage of this and bring those people whom you believe will benefit from joy, peace and goodwill.

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